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Anyone can say anything on their website to try to convince you of something, however only those who are truly confident in their dogs allow the accomplishments to speak for themselves.  I am not a used car salesman, and pride myself on the fact that my dog's accomplishments speak volumes.  So much so that I do not have profess accomplishments to propagate sales.  I do not breed often enough to pad the conformation ring with my bred by dogs in an attempt to appear more successful to the unsuspecting.  I do not ask owners or co-owners to continue to own/show/feed/house an unhealthy dog in an attempt to gain some perceived accolades, or titles on dogs that I am the breeder of.

Cali Girl Kennels is family owned and operated, located in Northern Cali.
We place a high emphasis on health, standard size, bone, temperament, structure and substance, therefore all dogs will be health tested and guaranteed.  Our dogs will excel in conformation, agility and weight pull, as well as make great family pets. 
  We breed rarely, but when we do, we breed for quality, not quantity, and strive to maintain the breeds standards.  
These are well balanced pit bulls mentally, emotionally, and physically.

No dogs or puppies are sold for any illegal purposes !

All dogs are UKC registered.


Rebecca Harris

cell  (916) 519-9039

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